Zuckerberg’s Plans for Facebook? Artificial Intelligence

Deus Nexus

Reposted from: Collective-Evolution | by Christina Sarich.

facebook-spyAccording to engadget.com[i], Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame posted some interesting news on his profile this week, revealing his plans for Facebook’s future in the process. Included in his mystifying comments was a statement regarding his idea of the ultimate communication technology. He envisions a platform which would allow our friends to feel exactly what we’re experiencing simply by transmitting our thoughts to them. He said that until such a feat was possible, his company would continue working on a few other developments at Facebook, one of which is artificial intelligence (AI).

He listed AI as the first of his priorities, “because Facebook ‘think[s] more intelligent services will be much more useful’ to consumers.’”

Among Zuckerberg’s AI development plans for FB are claims that their systems will be “better than humans at our primary senses,” and that they will be able to…

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