premonition or message

While I was taking a nap after 9:00 pm I was lying there thinking about moving as my sister mentioned she was getting a transfer for a 2 bdrm apartment earlier. I don’t know if I was dreaming about it or thinking about it. Suddently my dream state changed intensity. It was like a higher state where energy is very very clear, precise. I was in a different location in a bedroom with my computer by the window (two double windows – large) and they were covered with blinds and below I could hear the traffic passing by. I thought I would adjust the blinds to close them and I got up to do it. Once I comleted the task I turned around to go sit down at the desk in front of the computer and that’s when the power went out. The room was in total darkness. Earlier I could hear my sister downstairs vacuuming or cleaning because the place was covered in a grey carpet. An awful feeling hit the pit of my stomach as I just realized this could be the event that they mention on portal2012 site where the system changes from under the control of dark forces to the lightworkers’s agenda to begin the golden age. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t stock up on anything. Suddenly the lights came back on and the power was restored again. I felt such relief that I woke up.

Is this a premonition or a message for me?


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